"Stacey's workshop was a lot of fun - she has terrific energy, great experience, and delivered a lively in-depth hands-on workshop."

Brazenly impassioned, Stacey breathes life into complex problems with humor, illustrative visuals, and get-up-and-go-grit. With experience that crosses product design, Lean methodologies, and graphic design, Stacey Dyer brings sparks back to your team members through inspiring workshops and talks. Invite Stacey to speak at your next event or bring her in to help your team find its creative pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.


Next Generation Customer Experience Conference, March 2018, Phoenix, AZ

Creating a Customer Journey Map: Understanding the Basics

2017 Agile Games, Cambridge, MA

Brainstorming Brought to You by: What Would Your Mom Do?


 Agile, Lean UX, and Design Thinking Walk into a Dinner Party



Awesome at Your Job Podcast: Episode 92

Optimized Tools for Planning Anything with Stacey Dyer

Stacey Dyer shares how she applied best thinking practices to planning a kick ass wedding, and how we can use the same techniques to plan anything. 

You’ll Learn:

  1. How to avoid future mishaps with the time machine methodology
  2. A 5-card hand that you should have in your back pocket to spark great ideas and solutions
  3. Best practices for self-motivation



Boston Meetup: April 20th, 2016

All That $50 Will Reveal about Your Target Audience

Stacey Dyer, Creative Director at iZotope, will teach you how $50 can be used to reveal who wants to buy your product or service, where they are, and what makes them want to buy. In her presentation, Stacey will cover:

  • The market research that validates early adopters, value proposition, and messaging resonance through four $50 Facebook ad tests
  • The benefits of this type of testing prior to launching a product/service
  • How to formulate goals and build ad experiments
  • Methods for measuring results


Thanks to all who attended the Neuromarketing Meetup on April 20th! Click here to download the slide deck.



Obsessed With Design Podcast hosted by Josh Miles

Episode 14 with Stacey Dyer  |  April 18th, 2016

In this episode, we discuss:

  1. Stacey's journey to publishing her first book, AstroWed.
  2. Her favorite parts working for Loctite.
  3. Her brief stint owning a cake bake shop.
  4. Her design heroes: Marian Bantjes and Dave McKean

Real Industry's Face-to-Face sessions put you in front of experts in the media technology industry, no matter where you are in the world. 

This is part of the "Careers in Media Technology" course, offered for Free on Kadenze! kadenze.com/courses/careers-in-media-tec­hnology/info

This week, we're joined by Stacey (Dyer) Messier, an inspirational woman whose career has progressed from Graphic Designer, to Product Design Director, to Creative Strategist at iZotope.

In our live Q&A via Google Hangout, you will be able to ask Stacey anything: whether it is advice on landing a design job, best practices for becoming a great designer, her daily life as Creative Strategist, or how her career got started. The floor is open to you!

(This session streamed live on Aug 5, 2015)



Brassy Broad Podcast: Episode 42

Stacey (Dyer) Messier chats with Jen Edds about why you have to share your secret recipes with the world, her keys to success, and life as a a creative strategist for the Spire Recorder by iZotope.



Build an MVP in ONE NIGHT!

October 1st, 2015 at the Digital Design & Marketing MeetUp in New Haven, CT
Learn how to combine the aspects of: Lean StartUp, Lean UX, Pre-mortems, and Agile methodology to build an MVP beginning from an idea to execution.



Building an MVP with Stacey Dyer on the Incremental UX Podcast

Show Notes: Let’s build an MVP. After talking to a lot of guests about lean UX, lean startup, agile methodologies and specific user experience techniques, we take the implementation route in this episode. Stacey (Dyer) Messier is a creative strategist at iZotope. She has led teams to combine and utilize various schools of teaching. In this episode, we walk through the building of an MVP step by step.

  • How to validate a startup idea?
  • How to quickly get to an MVP stage
  • Simple ways to perform customer interviews
  • What kind of questions to ask
  • How to validate an app idea with customers
  • Forming partnerships
  • Identifying channels of distribution
  • Performing user research
  • Paper prototyping
  • Honing the MVP through iterative design and feedback interviews
  • Identifying the MVP feature set
  • Product roadmaps and much more!




Embedded Research, Design Sprints, and Failing Fast!

March 14th, 2015 at UX Boston

The Benefits of Failing Fast & Quick
Trial & error is a commonly used phrase, but perhaps it's used half-heartedly. We always hear praises for the success behind a 'trial' but rarely do we hear about the 'errors'. Let's talk error, failure, and ask 'how could this fail?' together – early and often. From emails to feature work, this tech talk will combine an in depth look at how software development can apply the "fail fast" mantra along with a quick workshop where everyone will experience the benefit of conducting a project pre-mortem. 

"Enjoyed all the talks, especially appreciated Stacey's concept of moving ideas that don't work for one project from the trash can to the bookcase."



2013 CADC Student Conference & Competition

April 20th, 2013 at Central CT University

Eighty-five graphic design, new media, illustration, and photography students from around the state participated in the annual CADC Student Conference and Competition. Stacey Dyer was one of five 25-minute presentations from leading design professionals offering tips on how the speakers got started in design, how they got their first job and advanced in their careers, skills that are in demand today, what inspires them, and types of work they and their firms create.