Stacey's hands-on approach to freelance design stays tried and true, in both personal and professional capacities.

Below is a selection of her favorite work in the last ten years. To see additional work, please contact her directly.  


Book Cover Illustration & Design

by KL Pereira
(Cutlass Press, Summer 2017)

A Dream Between Two Rivers: Stories of Liminality is both literary and speculative, both magically real and viscerally strange, in the tradition of writers like Angela Carter, Clarice Lispector, and Jorge Luis Borges. In the collection, Pereira uses elements of fairy tales, folk tales, and myths to highlight the lives of women, children, and immigrants. Pereira explores rebirth in the midst of darkness, free of normative ideas of gender, class, race, and sexuality.



AstroWed: Designed, Illustrated, and Written by Stacey Dyer

AstroWed: The Universe's Most Kickass Wedding Planning Workbook

This is the stereotype-crushing, genderless space-themed methodology you've been waiting for. AstroWed is ready to guide your decision-making by putting those checklists to work FOR you rather than AGAINST you.

Find AstroWed online here or on Amazon.

Featured in Improper Bostonian's Fall Wedding Issue

Featured in Improper Bostonian's Fall Wedding Issue



Spire | Instagram Series Graphics and Brand Guidelines

Click here to view videos in this series.



Stages of Beauty | Packaging Redesign, Email Marketing, and Landing Page Series



Developing Speed in Creative Problem Solving: The Type Exploratory Project

Created as a lesson in time management and problem solving, the Type Exploratory project tasked one designer and one non-designer (account management, business development, etc) with illustrating the definition of a terribly dead word among the English language. The parameters were:

– All participants must use the approved Sabon Roman font
– All participants must use the provided template for size and orientation
– Only letters included in the chosen word may be used
– No color should be used, just grayscale
– The word should be the primary focus of the piece
– Shapes and graphics may be used in supporting roles, but they should be simple and flat

– A word and definition will be provided to that week’s designer during Monday morning scrum
– A word can be pondered as long as necessary, but only 1 HOUR should be dedicated to the creation of the final product
– The final design will be presented during Friday morning scrum



The Mark Twain House & Museum | Event Branding & Marketing

A new annual panel series where three famous authors come to the stage to share stories beyond the page. This project required branding, marketing, media buying, online advertising, direct mail (seen below), and event graphics.



Business Card Design



Youth Playhouse Poster Series



Berk-Tek | Branding, Packaging, Event Promotions, and Sales Calculator