Using dynamic content to deliver powerful messages – from 15 seconds to 2 minutes, it's key to today's marketing toolkit. Stacey's passion for video starts with story-boarding, hops to second-shooting, and often lands in the editing room.


Spire Instagram Weekly Video Series

Found sounds = found beats in this local Cambridge park. Inspiration happens anytime anywhere. Are you ready?

We asked Theophilus, "What's one piece of advice you'd like to give aspiring artists out there?"

How singer-songwriter, Pat Ramey, uses Spire for capturing song ideas.


Artist interviews from the A3C festival & Conference

Upcoming projects, inspiration, and influences of the great Pete Rock while at the halls of the A3C festival & conference.


previous work (2014 - 2010)

VolcaNO, the most advanced nitric oxide boosting formulation from the scientists at Force Factor.

Kra-ze's 1st public TV commercial. Airing throughout October 2011 on local Fox CT stations. Features Four-Berry flavor in a private therapy session for a mixing problem. Voice overs done by Kra-ze founders/owners.

Animated contest promotion for Recess Rocks!