“Strategy Meets Play” now on view at AS220’s main gallery

October 5th – 26th, 2019: AS220 Gallery, Providence, RI


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Artist Statement


"So much of our culture is defined by complex messages illustrated through strategic colors, simple symbols and evocative shapes. 

I ask, how can we push the messages that move us, keep us afloat when we feel underwater, and above all remind us that we are human, to be greater than words once said?"

INSPIRATION: Each painting is inspired by a found quotation or phrase. This piece is a geometric illustration of what I feel and see when I hear the following statement: "First, say to yourself what you would be, then do what you have to do." –Epictetus

STYLE: Much of my work is inspired by mid-century modern color palettes, lines, and rhythmic shapes. Additionally, the green and blue hues have been following me around since I was a teenager, and, at a certain point, one must embrace the color language that speaks with their hands and eyes. 

MEDIUM: I choose to work in acrylic for its saturation and quick-drying tendencies. The key to this style of work is in the meditative application of layers and layers of paint. Each piece can take anywhere from 20 hours to 2 months to complete depending on its size, and as one who is a student of efficiency, I look for ways to speed up the process while giving me plenty of room and time to create more work.

METHOD: Many ask, but there is no tape used in the making of my work! Just brush, acrylic paint, and a water-color-pencil grid system.

EDUCATION: Stacey is a 2005 graduate of the Hartford Art School, University of Hartford, with a BFA in Painting.