Simplistic Critical Binaries

Simplistic Critical Binaries


Art Size: 12"

Framed Size: 20" x 20"

Medium: Acrylic on Cork

Created: 2017

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#MeToo Circular Series

On October 25th, 2017, Michelle Kuo resigned from her post as editor and chief of Art Forum. "The news broke hours after the resignation of the magazine’s publisher, Knight Landesman, who has been accused of sexual harassment in a suit filed [on October 25th, 2017] by art fair director Amanda Schmitt. Several more women have come forward to make similar accusations about Landesman since allegations were first reported [on October 24th]," reported Nate Freeman of Art News.

The following series of paintings are based on phrases pulled from Michelle Kuo's letter from the editor, January 2017. The phrases are an eerie reminder that sexual harassment is not just inside Hollywood, it's sadly everywhere. I support those affected by these terrible acts. We need to see change, together.